The project to paint 100 pictures of Reading

My name is Liz Kerry. I was introduced to Art at the age of 4 when my Grandfather who was a keen amateur artist showed me how draw an apple using a stick of charcoal and some chalk on brown wrapping paper.

Since then drawing and painting have been very important to me, and I use it to record images and feelings; a way to explain ideas to myself and others, gaining a degree in Community arts.

I am also interested in the importance of the environment for society.

Recently I have become aware of how many negative, unfounded comments about Reading have affected the way people think of this town, a town I have lived in for thirty years, and want to do a little to offset this. Reading has many attractive places and an interesting history – to ignore this is the first step towards losing what we have.

The recent arguments over the East Reading Mass Rapid Transit upset me when I realise what an effect this will have on the Thames path and the damage to wild life. It inspired me to try to paint 100 sketches of Reading as I see it, to show the many places and buildings in this area that should be treated carefully with respect and delight.

So be proud of Reading and support it positively by going to festivals, enjoying walking along its rivers and walk around the Abby ruins. Find about the many things happening now in this town in music, drama and the visual arts. Be aware of the international links that are matching the medieval ones Reading once had when the Abby was at its prime.

Thank you for looking at these miniature oil paintings – not quite 100 yet only 38, but hopefully by the end of the year I will have achieved the total.